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First of all a quick note. English it's NOT my first language and I'm not very good respecting all language rules.

Now, for the serious stuffs, the reason of this page in english is because "someone" can find usefull these RPM packages that I've put together.

Mandrake 7.0 RPM

Mandrake it's a distribution originally based on Redhat. It used to exist a connection between the two; you can use the packages made for RedHat on Mandrake, taking care of using packages from the same release number. So, if you have a mandrake v5.2 you can use packages made for RedHat v5.2

But there is no RedHat v7.0 - Mandrake is gone forward (and made a superior products, by my personal opinion).

Caused by this, you can't use the PRC-TOOLS v2.0 packages made for RedHat v6.1 on the last Mandrake distribution. This is why I've put together this pakages.

IMPORTANT: This packages works for me on my Pentium II machine, I take no responsibility for the correct working of them on your computer. Written this, If you have any problems, please, fell free to wrote me a note. If I can, I will help you.

This are the packages available for Mandrake 7.0:

PRC-Tools v2.0

PRC-Tools v2.0 HTML Docs

Pilrc v2.5b3

To this packages you have to add an SDK (from the Palm sites).

For ANY comment on this packages, please, wrote to

	The Gimp